The Problem with Current Hosting Support

Even on the highest tier hosting plans, your team is still required to actively monitor your website and reach out to your managed WordPress host when issues pop up. This is because nearly all hosting plans only monitor high-level server issues and they are not actively monitoring your website performance, leaving you and your team responsible for catching issues and contacting your host to fix them after they occur.

End-to-End, Active WordPress Management & Support

We built ScaleWP to create a platform and set of services that completely removes the need for marketing, content, and design teams to manage their website. Our experts works around the clock to monitor your site’s server and uptime notifications and actively work to resolve any issues that come up. We built our platform from the ground up so we have the technical team in place to keep your website running smoothly and swiftly resolve any issues that arise.

Active Uptime Monitoring

The ScaleWP team monitors your website’s uptime and server health every 60 seconds. If anything looks off, we start actively working to resolve the issue before it becomes a real problem. 

Proactive Issue Resolution

If issues do arise, our team will be notified and begin actively fixing them so that your website team can focus on content and growth.

Monthly WordPress Updates

After backing up your site, a dedicated account manager who is familiar with your website runs all core updates by hand and verifies that there are no issues. No bots here. 

Hourly Backups & Recovery

WordPress-specific backups are set up to save your content every hour.  If the site goes down because of a software or database issue or a malicious attack, we’ll get it back up and running. No excuses, no hassles.

Dedicated Account Representative

All ScaleWP clients have a dedicated support contact – a real person who knows your name and the details of your WordPress website.

Gurus on Call

We know you have questions. You get unlimited email support for any fix that takes less than 15 minutes. Maybe you need coaching, or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) tweak or help installing a plugin. We’ve got you covered. 

Quarterly Status Meetings

Websites are never static. You’ve got plans and we need to make sure that the site keeps up with them. We like to meet (in person, phone or virtual conferencing) with clients quarterly to make sure everything is on track.

Custom Insights Reports

We provide an executive summary of site stats and updates for each WordPress install. Expanded reporting is also available that aggregates social channels, email marketing, e-commerce, and inbound leads.

Premium Plugin/Theme Support and Licensing

The best way to keep your WordPress website running smoothly is to only use the most-trusted & best-supported premium plugins and themes. We test, purchase, pay the fees, install and maintain these for you. 

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