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Reimagining WordPress for Content Teams

After building and managing enterprise-grade websites for corporate clients for a combined 20 years, two Kansas City WordPress enthusiasts saw a recurring gap in how WordPress sites are built and managed for larger teams:

Hard coded = Expensive & Hard to Use

Most sites built for large clients use static, hard-coded themes or proprietary CMS that are hard to customize and lack flexibility that product, marketing and sales professionals need to run their business.

A Powerful Easy-to-Use WordPress Framework

Our WordPress framework uses the most popular page builder and live visual editor on the internet, freeing content and marketing teams to quickly build, publish, and reuse awesome designs without hiring expensive developers.

Mission Critical Websites Need More Than Managed WordPress Hosting

The largest WordPress hosting companies still rely on your team to monitor your site and reach out when there is a problem.

Proactive Support & Monitoring

This is why we created a 24/7 Proactive Support system in which our team actively works with our cloud hosting team to fix server or WordPress issues before they become a problem. We also provide a transparent notification system that notifies you whenever any issues come up that we are actively working to resolve.

Affordability is Not the Priority

Just because a client is large, doesn’t mean your website developer and support team needs to be.

Agile Methods + A Fixed Fee Approach

We use agile methodologies and a fixed-fee process that broadly defines deliverables and closely works with your team to create an awesome end-product. We only bring experts onboard that are needed, and fixed fees ensure that we are both efficient and affordable.

Leadership Team


Braden Katz

Managing Partner, Head of Product & Design

Braden Katz

Braden is a multidisciplinary designer, content strategist, and WordPress expert. He has worked in a wide range of industries from venture-backed startups in the telemedicine, fintech, and cryptocurrency space, to established firms and Fortune 500s in agribusiness, construction, real estate, and architecture. His work has received awards and nominations from well-known design organizations like and design patents for its novelty. As head of product and design at ScaleWP, Braden acts as the creative lead for projects and heads the design and development of the ScaleWP platform.

Scott Shorter

Managing Partner, Chief Web Strategist

Scott Shorter

Scott has been building websites and leading successful digital initiatives since the earlier days of the web. Before starting his own firm and eventually partnering with Braden on a wide range of enterprise-level projects from large online universities and multinational companies, Scott helped develop one of the earliest online membership and syndication programs for internationally known comic strips that was distributed through The Washington Post, AOL, Yahoo, and USA Today. Scott oversees all ScaleWP accounts and projects and helps combine digital marketing strategy with WordPress development.



John Doe

Chief of Finances

John Doe

Chief of Finances

John Doe

Chief of Finances

Patricia Kelly

Accounting & Finances

Sarah Johnson

Chief of Support

Julia Mayer

Accounting Manager

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